When you spend money on translation, you do so for a business purpose: to boost sales, provide support to customers, educate employees, and dozens more. Certainly, you expect seamless ordering and delivery according to your development workflow or content syndication schedule. However, you also want the translation agency to notify you proactively about all of the potential technical and cultural issues with localization.

Constantly working for three of the world’s top 20 localization companies, we will help you to achieve the business goals of translating into Russian and provide you with the following key benefits.

Long-term cooperation. Once you become our customer, we are ready to support all of your localization projects into Russian, whether you need 200 words within an hour or 200,000 words in a month. Even during the peak workload, we always reserve some capacity for our direct customers. We also maintain long-term relationships with linguists to make sure that the same team consistently handles your translation requests for years.

Workflow integration. Whether you are managing UI strings in Excel, or integrated with a cloud localization platform (e.g. Transifex or Smartling), we are ready to become another seamless step in your process. We work with content management systems, IDEs, bugtrackers, and whatever tools you use to support the translation process. Even if you already work with a multilingual translation agency, you can invite us a subcontractor for Russian.

Cultural insights. Did you know that all major promo-campaigns in Russia are timed to the New Year, and that Christmas is actually celebrated on January 7? We will proactively advise you on this and tons of other cultural differences that can make or break your sales.

Localization insights. Plopping your files into the first localization platform with attractive pricing may actually turn out to be an expensive choice. From our experience, a misconfigured translation environment can increase your translation budget by up to 30-150%. Multiply this by the number of languages in your localization pool, and be impressed with the sum that our initial localization audit can save you.

Holistic translation quality. Many agencies still have a limited understanding of translation quality as the absence of grammar and punctuation mistakes with strict adherence to the glossary and style guide. We add two more dimensions: 1) make sure that the text is readable enough to perform its business goal, 2) check the integrity of the tags and variables to guarantee the correct performance of localized builds and web pages.



With more and more competition among MLVs, your supply chain can be a huge differentiator. At all stages — from the initial testing to taking over existing accounts — we can provide you with the following benefits.

Consistent performance. We are working for three of the world’s top 20 localization companies, so we know how crucial it is for MLVs to maintain the pass-rate and on-time delivery rate. And we have delivered up to those expectations day after day for years.

Winning new business. Every year, we help our MLV customers win 3-4 new accounts and continually take care of their projects thereafter. We still provide translation for accounts where we started as freelancers in 2012.

Retaining existing customers. In 2015 alone, we helped an MLV remove Russian from the improvement plan. The end customer has been ordering more than 300,000 words per year ever since.

Loyalty and transparency. It is unpleasant to learn that your LQA vendor has been performing translations for the same end customer through another MLV. To prevent this, we work with only one MLV for a single end-customer, thereby ensuring that your supply base is truly unique.

Sustainable scalability. If you anticipate large projects, we are always ready to add more linguists. Our subject matter and linguistic tests help us to quickly recruit truly qualified translators and editors whose education is constantly increased. The end result? Reliable deliveries according to the SLAs.